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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Si Fu Julio Camacho´s Birthday (ENGLISH VERSION)

Hello everyone!

Last Saturday was celebrated the birthday of Master Julio Camacho, my Si Fu and a disciple of Master Leo Imamura (10G VT).

Si Sok Ursula Lima(11G VT) his Si Mui, organized a very special celebration in the neighborhood of Copacabana.

Me and my two kung fu brows : Thiago Silva, and Carlos Antunes , got the tribute part!
Of course we counted with the help of many Si Soks, and Si Dais...
Like in this case, I imagined that a newspaper "Hong Kong Style" would be a great gift for the present people. So I asked Si Sok Diego (11G VT) to use his power in photoshop to do the newspaper, and it also counts with Texts by Si Sok Felipe Soares(11G VT), me and Claudio Teixeira(12G VT). You can click on the image to see bigger!
Standing you see from left to right: Carlos Antunes, Thiago Silva and Si Sok Ursula.
I´m also in this photo.
She is Paula Gama(12GVT).
A great friend of mine and my young kung fu sister.
She has a special gift:
"Make special things"
Look at this!!
How ?!
A Si Fu action figure!
"Goodbye Mcfarlane Toys!"
Man, If you are looking for a vodoo doll for someone, ask Paula!
Thats awsome!
What a detail!
Man, I doubt that Si Taai Gung Moy Yat when draw this logo for his Family, would think that... I dont know... 40 years later?
A woman in a country called Brazil, would put that in a candy!
The Si Fu birthday is a time to get very old kung fu brothers back togheter...
And some new too!
Xenia(12GVT) is a disciple of Master Julio, and Teonice(12GVT) is a todai of him.
(*you can read Xenia like "SHENIA" and not like "X" in X-men)
Aurea Celi: one of the first women to get into Si Fu Julio´s Family!
By her side is her boyfriend
the guy is like Justin Timberlake when he was in N'Sync!
You can see here Si Sok Felipe Soares(11GVT) also knwon as "Travel Guy", and his sister Fernanda Soares(11G VT) and also Si Sok Ursula(11G VT)
You see Si Sok wearing a tong jong black and red right?
But it was not red, it was pink!
Like a 80's Tong Jong!
I tried to make him use the pink side of the Tong Jong, but he did not want, and I think only two people could wear a pink side of this...
Cindy Lauper, and...
Punky Brewster!
Si Fu was also with his Family!
Rodrigo and his girlfriend from Meier Studio.
(*you can read "Meier" as "Meh-e-ar")
A good story:
One day before this picture, Rodrigo came to train with me at Meier. He brought his girfriend and a friend of her to watch and take some pictures.
Man, the guy sweat a lot just doing Siu Nim Tau! hehe
That was funny!
At left side, is Daniel, son of Vladimir(12GVT) and wearing Blue is Si Fu´s younger daughter: Julia.
When Aurea stopped to train, Jade(Si Fu´s older daughter) was just a little kid.
But now Jade is already a young lady!
and taller than Aurea!
Time flies!
Thats me (pink) and Carlos(black) doing a impersonation of Si Fu!
Si Fu said two important things:
1) is that his 44th birthday will be more important than this one (40th) 'cause when he get 44 years old, he will be more time of life inside Kung Fu Family than outside that!
"Happy birthday to you!" in portuguese is
"Parabéns pra você"
Parabéns - "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" you can read: "Pah-rah-bens"
pra - to
você - you
you can read "Você" as "Vouse"
Using Si Sok Ursula´s new Do from Hong Kong, Si Fu cut the cake!
Man, till today I ask my mom to cut the cake for me.
Can you imagine me as a Si Fu someday saying:
"Hey Mom!"
I have to deal with that!
"Cakes I´ll beat you all!"
We will not stop here!
Si Sok Mauro will send today, a tape recording of the birthday!
Just Wait!

Thanks to you all!
Special thanks to Si Baak Gung Lester and Miguel for support!
and of course Si Gung Leo!

Thiago ,Moy Fat Lei
12G VT


  1. Mlk, tu saiu do orkut de novo? ahiuheoiuhaiouhioaua Tô te caçando que nem um doido aqui. Perdão por minha ausência nessas últimas semanas cara. Eu tava quase morando no estúdio. Só tava vindo em casa pra dormir e almoçar, pra voltar pra lá. Me diz... a parada serviu ou ficou pior?

    Ahhh, como prometido, o vídeo que eu ia te mandar. Se liga na cara de pau dos caras haiouhoeiha O melhor é que é uma paródia de karatê kid, e mostra o maluco treinando joelhada de Muay Thai na praia hahahahaha Enfim, dê o ar da graça. Abração.


  2. Fala Leroy!

    Pois é, saí sim!
    O que vc mandou ficou ótimo!
    Muito obrigado!

    Grande abraço e saudades!

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